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 Forum's Rules and Regulations

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Forum's Rules and Regulations Empty
PostSubject: Forum's Rules and Regulations   Forum's Rules and Regulations Icon_minitimeTue Mar 27, 2007 6:45 pm

hi people! please take some time to read and UNDERSTAND the things that are placed in here. failure to obey these rules may suspend and/or ban your account... bounce

1. please behave properly. we are all adults in here and i assume that everyone is well educated. please refrain from cursing or posting bad words in the forum. if you really can't stop yourself from posting bad words, then replace some of the letters with special characters. (e.g. sh*t)

2. nude, naked, or semi naked pictures and images are prohibited in this forum. this includes pictures of girls in bikinis, in their undies, boys in their briefs or boxers, and pictures that suggests pornography. this is not an adult/porn forum!

3. avoid personal attacks, flaming, trolling, harassment, racism, etc.

4. use a descriptive subject title when posting new threads. "Help!" is not a descriptive subject title. "Need help choosing a guitar" is a much more descriptive and useful subject title.

5. keep the forum on topic. if you really can't help but to reply an off topic message, then you may do so by putting "OT" or "OFF TOPIC" before your reply. but please try to limit yourself in doing this.

6. sending a message to other members asking them to check out or visit your site makes you an uneducated person, thus, it is not welcome in here

6. spammers are NOT tolerated in this forum.

7. anything that is bad is not welcome.

8. only use the english language and do not use your own native language. we are making this forum known internationally so make other members understand what you are saying

9. keep this forum neat, nice, clean, and as friendly as possible

10. have fun and enjoy posting! cheers

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Forum's Rules and Regulations
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