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 what happened there.. stays there!!

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what happened there.. stays there!! Empty
PostSubject: what happened there.. stays there!!   what happened there.. stays there!! Icon_minitimeSat Apr 07, 2007 11:07 am

planning is over... tell us what happened after the execution of

your brlliant plan!!!

s*xcapades.. embarassment.. moment of glory..

we went in bulacan.. what happened?

-same time.. morning
-same number.. 14
-same cottage.. d' one near at the lagoon
-same time of departure too?.. yeah! shoot!
-most of all.. same food! yahoOO!

but!!!! the only difference is.. we met more familiar faces there..

so.. nothin' so special.. nothin' so depressing 'bout that..

'bout you? what happened there??

c'mon... or it'll haunt you forever... What a Face

to each his own!

what happened there.. stays there!! Tukso10
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what happened there.. stays there!!
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