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 PLDT rackets ang gimmiks!! SH*T!

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PLDT rackets ang gimmiks!! SH*T! Empty
PostSubject: PLDT rackets ang gimmiks!! SH*T!   PLDT rackets ang gimmiks!! SH*T! Icon_minitimeSat May 19, 2007 2:28 pm

our DSL connection was temporarily disconnected yesterday..

the reason? our outstanding balance of 11,750..

which i've settled with them last three weeks..

much more?

the technical feild agent called me.. saying that it'll take a week

for our DSL to be re-connected.. yeah right!

i know what's on his mind..

after i put down the receiver.. SNAP! our DSL connection is back!

then he came over to my shop.. blabbing about his connection

inside the DATA center.. (moron!)

what did i do?

i reached for my pocket and handed him 500 peso bill..

im not mad.. just feelin' stupid Evil or Very Mad

so.. there you go! what a system eh? What a Face

i reached inside my pocket

to each his own!

PLDT rackets ang gimmiks!! SH*T! Tukso10
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PLDT rackets ang gimmiks!! SH*T!
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